We are first and foremost coffee lovers, brought up in the North East of England. The North East for those that don't know was the heart of the British Mining Industry. The pit, for several decades was one of the largest employees of northern residents. It is from this that I and this business have developed. 

My Father, an incredible man, worked down the pit from a very young age. The safety lamp photographed on the home page was his, and it is because of him & our history that I was inspired to start a business. He, like his father worked very hard to provide for their families. For a lot of years this work was in the deep coal mines of the North East. 

More often than not the Industry that once thrived around here is overlooked, forgotten. I have created The Yakka Coffee Co. to remember our heritage. The business is based around 'The Pit', all of our coffees are named after things that were commonly associated with our area, whether that be the language, or specific terms used in the day to day of running a coal mine. Every product will have a small paragraph about the name, because every day is a school day.

I want us to celebrate where we have came from, not only that but I want to work as hard the Pit Yakka did to provide for their family. 

My aim is to develop a business that will bring people joy and happiness from the comfort of their own home through the enjoyment of a good cup of coffee.

2020 was a difficult year for most, it is the year that ill remember as teaching a valuable lesson. Enjoy the little things. Something as small as a cup of coffee has the power to take away your worries and concerns for 10 minutes at a time, and it is these little things we should be greatful for. 

I hope you enjoy our coffee, I hope in those 10 minutes you reflect and take time out for a little self care