'Jog Along Jack' takes its name from the 1st Earl of Durham, John Lambton (Lord Durham). 


John Lambton inherited an immense fortune way back when (1797), as his family owned the Lambton estate and surrounding land where a lot of mining took place (Lambton Collieries). He was a politician and had rather radical views, he also once stated when asked that a gentleman should be able to comfotably 'Jog Along' on £40,000 per year, to my understanding, the equivelant of around £3.4M in todays worth earning him the secondary nickname 'Jog Along Jack'... He was described as Proud, Wayward, Immensely Rich with Romantic Good Lucks & an Explosive Temper, which lends itself beautifully to this coffee which is all of the above & so much more. This coffee forms part of the Lambton Collection, along side 'Radical Jack'.  


This Coffee is so smooth, with notes of Butterscotch & Cocoa This coffee is a Medium roast perfect for Espresso 

Jog Along Jack (Seasonal)

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