The Aeropress is a revolutionary way to make a perfect cuppa every time you brew. 


Its super simple to use and a brilliant cost effective way to transition to speciality coffee, moving away from that instant coffee game.


All you need to do is add coffee, hot water and apply a little bit of pressure to get a perfect cup of coffee every time... Obviously brewing instructions are included to get you started, but it literally is that simple. 


This piece of equipment is portable and perfect for brewing coffee on the go, whether that be down the pit or up the top of a git big hill. 


Included in this package is the Aeropress, a coffee scoop, Funnel, Stirrer & 350 Filters (Enough for 350 Cups of Coffee) & to get you started we'll throw in a 200g bag of coffee, but get this... You get to choose the coffee! Bonus! (You will also be able to choose the grind, between Aeropress - Recomended & Wholebean - If you like to grind your own Aeropress recipes)




  • This item will be shipped first class with a 200g bag of coffee included in the package. If you order extra coffee or products it may change the delivery fee due to the weight of the packages.


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